Charlee & Zach // Backyard Wedding on Lake Scugog

When I first met up with Charlee & Zach to discuss their wedding plans, they said they would be having a wedding in her parents back yard down on lake Scugog. Cool. Sounds nice enough. Fast forward to their wedding day, and I was absolutely blown away. The picture in my head that I had of what the space would look like was obliterated by the beauty that they had created, and was WAY more stunning than what I had originally thought. These two managed to make the shores of lake Scugog look like Napa Valley, and I am certain that this wedding will be my favorite for a looong time.

From the colour of the bridesmaids dresses, to the stunning (and MASSIVE) bouquet, and the gorgeous copper details, to the paper flowers on the archway – everything was perfect. The weather called for thunderstorms all day and we only got rain in the morning. What an amazing day! I took more photos on this day than my computer could handle and I could not wait to start working on these as soon as I got home that night!

Charlee & Zach are so obviously in love. I don’t think there was any moment when they didn’t have a smile on their faces. This day was a long time coming and I am honored that I got to be a part of it. Their love for each other is infectious – palpable. I barely had to pose them all day, they just snuggle right into each other and made my job so easy. Have you ever seen a bride and groom race on their wedding day? I did! You can catch that shot down below! I had such a fun time with you guys, and I wish you all the best in your future together! Congratulations Charlee & Zach!!



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