Cody & Katie Engagement

It has been waaay too long since I’ve posted here on my blog. Things have been crazy busy getting used to life with a baby and with the start of wedding season all at the same time! I met Cody and Katie while I was shooting Cody’s sister’s wedding back in October! His mom and my mom were best friends in high school, and when he and Katie asked me to photograph their wedding, I was thrilled and of course said yes. They took me back to the spot where they got engaged down on the shores of Lake Erie. It wasn’t easy to get to but it was definitely worth it! The hill that leads down to the water had eroded from all of the rain and we had to slide down the cliff on our butts to make it to the water – but hey – anything for a great photo!! These guys were troopers and I cannot wait to photograph the wedding in a few short months!

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